Slug Sex

April 9, 2017

In this #SundayShorty Steven Renzo talks about slugs with a throwback clip about slug sex from Minisode 4. Enjoy! MUSIC: All music and sound effects are licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License […]

The Birth Of The Crusty Mustard Cap Show

November 13, 2016

Steven Renzo shares his number one pet-peeve and an extra clip that was cut from episode #14 called “I’ll cast your damn movie.”   Music by: Jockers Dance Orchestra “The Royal Vagabond” Like this […]

Love Thy Neighbor and Zombies

September 11, 2016

Steven Renzo shares his change of heart for his neighbors and his distaste for the bad ones in this shorty with a throwback clip from episode #6. All music and sound effects are Licensed under […]

So This Kid Punches Me In My Dick

August 14, 2016

Steven Renzo shares the moment Sheisty Shameless is reborn and adds a recent throwback clip of an Ask Shameless segment from minisode #6.

My First F-Bomb

July 3, 2016

Steven Renzo takes a trip down memory lane to recall his first F-Bomb.  

The Chameleon

June 5, 2016

Steven Renzo shares his curse and ability to pretend to blend into all walks of life.