Why the crusty mustard cap? That dried-up, hard, crusty mustard residual left on top of the bottle cap is one of Steven Renzo’s biggest pet peeves. Legend has it…
That crusty mustard cap once fell into his sandwich and forced him to throw it out and then start his own podcast. It’s a show where he brings his friends and family together over good food and drinks just to rant into a microphone in hopes of making you cry out in laughter. So what happens when technology accommodates Steven and resolves that crusty cap? Don’t worry, he’ll find something else to complain about. So keep your expectations low and don’t any of you “Social Justice Warriors” take this show too seriously. It’s just comedy relief between friends and we let you in on it. Enjoy!
The Crusty Crew
(from left to right)  Steven Renzo, 
Uncle Dan, Andrew The Sundance Kid 
and Grizzly Adams
(Not pictured) CJ from Arkansas 
(because he's in Arkansas)